Values, Principles, Purpose


To be the leading provider of quality care services and support to the aged/disabled in the Hawkesbury community.


  • Through continual assessment and evaluation provide high quality and appropriate levels of aged care services to meet the changing needs of the Hawkesbury.
  • To provide a comprehensive range of aged care services and activities to promote health and well being amongst our residents.
  • To promote professionalism and teamwork amongst our staff.
  • To promote and establish sound financial practices and accountabilities to ensure effective and high quality levels of service.
  • To be recognised as a leading provider of high quality aged care services within the Hawkesbury and the aged care industry; and
  • To be committed to continuing to improve the facilities we provide by listening to the needs of our residents, staff and other stakeholders.
  • To promote an environment that respects the identity, culture and diversity of our residents.
    To deliver care that is inclusive and sensitive to residents and that reflects our residents social, cultural, language, religious, spiritual, psychological and medical needs.


In accordance with the philosophy promoted from within the rules of the Company which govern the Richmond Community & RSL Nursing Home, we acknowledge our responsibility to the care of the aged/disabled, within the home.

We believe that the members of our community have the right to live a life with the dignity and respect which all persons deserve, and to live it in an environment compatible to their physical, cultural, social, spiritual and emotional needs.

We also believe that each person is an individual, irrespective of race, colour or creed, and that we have a duty of care to assist all who need assistance, to reach the optimum quality of life of which they are capable. We also recognise our duty to support the dying Resident towards a dignified and peaceful death.

We accept that within our role, as carers of our Residents, we have a responsibility to respect the importance of their families and friends, and to support and assist them when necessary.

We shall therefore aim to provide personalised individual care for our Residents and Relatives, in an environment which is directed towards the creation of an establishment emphasizing Home rather than a Nursing environment.

In order to fulfil the obligations inferred in our Vision and Mission Statements we, as a group (employed and voluntary) believe that we must practice a duty of care towards each other. We must respect each others integrity, ability and potential in order to ensure an integrated, inclusive, cohesive and harmonious team, in which each and every member is provided with the means to contribute towards meeting our ultimate objectives. We also believe that each of us as individuals has a responsibility to ensure our own self education and development, both personally and professionally, in order to fulfil our responsibilities of care to each other and to our residents.


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