Cameron Recreational Centre


Refurbishment of the Cameron Wing at Hawkesbury Living commenced in April 2012 and was completed in June. With a number of aesthetic and structural changes made to the wing, the refurbishment is part of Hawkesbury Living’s adoption of the Humanitas model of aged care, an internationally recognised style of care that shifts our focus away from clinical care and towards a person-centric approach based on positive ageing and overall happiness. The atmosphere of the wing is now much more ‘homely’ and has already proved to be much more settling and comfortable for our residents.

Our commitment to a specialised memory care wing, the first of its kind in the Hawkesbury, is part of an ongoing plan to address the issue of dementia in the community. There are almost 280,000 Australians living with dementia, with that number expected to rise to almost 1 million by 2050. It is estimated that the total cost of replacing all family care with paid care is estimated at $5.5 billion per annum (1). The Government has made the support and care of people suffering from dementia a national health priority. A community needs assessment was undertaken as part of Hawkesbury Living’s master plan that addresses the need of dementia care in the Hawkesbury.

The changes to the Cameron Wing, which include a new dining area, bus stop, library and hairdresser, are aimed to create a communal environment. A number of sensory and tactile areas have also been developed to help stimulate our resident’s minds. Through the memory care techniques outlined by the Humanitas model, residents of the Cameron Wing now benefit from an increased link with the local community, a positive living environment and a stronger sense of social inclusion.

(1) Alzheimer’s Australia, ‘Key Facts and Statistics for Media’ available at




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