Pastoral Care

Barb CarterPastoral Care is caring companionship to others. It is about responding to the emotional and spiritual needs of people. This is achieved by taking the time to listen to the heart of a person’s story and helping them to find meaning in their story, connection with their feelings and value in their life
It is about listening with empathy and respect while building relationships based on trust, equality and acceptance

Barb Carter
Is a fully accredited Chaplain with Chaplaincy Australia. She has had extensive experience and training in all areas of Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy; holds Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training, Clinical Pastoral Education. Barb is also on the National Training Team for Chaplaincy Australia and trains internally. Barb has worked with the Christchurch Earthquake and the Toowoomba floods.
Barb is available for everyone, not imposing her views but allowing each person to raise any topic or issue needing to be discussed.

We have a team of dedicated Pastoral Care Workers that are on hand each day to spend time with our residents and add to their quality of life.
Chaplain Barb Carter – 0418 118 049


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